In 2015 pediatrician and vaccine book author Dr. Bob Sears was investigated by the state medical board for his open-minded views on childhood vaccines. His punishment took him into the darkest years of both his career and his personal life. But this book is not his story. 

Instead, Dr. Bob weaves a fictional tale of medical and political intrigue that disrupts the peaceful life and practice of pediatrician Dr. Peter Tomasso (introduced in Dr. Bob’s first novel, A Tale of Two Sides). The naive, altruistic physician is ill-prepared for what awaits him, and his own personal fears threaten his body and mind as he imagines his livelihood melting away around him. 

The forces that seek to undo Dr. Peter are complex: the eager young medical board investigator, ready to right the medical wrongs inflicted on her family in the past, yet given marching orders from on high that make little sense to her at first; the deputy attorney general, too good at her job in taking down bad doctors but suddenly face with a new type of case that challenges the code of ethics she’s followed her whole life; and a cohort of public health officers, legislators, and layers who are drawn together by an industry focused on eliminating medical freedom and insuring the health of all good citizens for generations to come. 

Enjoy the Companion Podcast

Dr. Bob gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what events really happened and what he creatively made up to expand the story, guides you further into the hearts and minds of the characters, and goes deeper into the take-home messages of each chapter. He also opens up and shares what it was really like to endure these eight years of hardship, what he learned about himself along the way, and how his medical practice thrived despite all the odds stacked against him.  Exclusively on Spotify (you can create a Spotify account for free!). 

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