This is an uncommon but easy to handle occurrence in the penis. It can be painful, and you may see pus draining from the penis tip. But don’t be alarmed. You can easily handle this by having your child sit in a warm bath for 20 minutes (add some hot water safely periodically during the bath to keep it warm) 4 to 6 times daily. No soap or bubble bath – just plain water. It should improve after just a few baths, and be gone in a day or two. Keep doing the baths until it’s better. AND, once a day add Epsom Salt to the bath (follow directions on bag). Call us for an appointment if there’s fever or the redness spreads all the way up the whole penis and the pain becomes severe and doesn’t respond to bath. This may need oral antibiotics.

This generally happens in uncircumcised kids, but it can also happen in a circumcised penis. The treatment is the same.

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