Pharma-Free Pediatrics… Naturally

Dr. Bob’s mission is to provide all families worldwide with complete, objective, and un-doctored informed consent before they choose vaccines and other pharmaceuticals for their children and that people everywhere retain the freedom to make healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

Who is Dr. Bob?

Pediatrics For Naturally-Minded Families

Looking for a friendly, relaxed, safe space to bring your family for pediatric care? Want to minimize medical interventions and enjoy a more natural approach to treatment and prevention? Do you prefer personalized medical advice from a trusted partner in your medical care who isn’t constrained by insurance contracts and HMO rules? Tired of being pressured to conform to a pharma-funded medical narrative that insists their way is best for your child?

Dr. Bob provides a unique blend of mainstream and natural care for families who are looking for an old-fashioned pediatrician. He is not contracted with any insurance companies, and there are no membership fees. He provides simple, fee-for-service medical care.

Dr. Bob Sears

Watch the Vaccine Consult with Dr. Bob

This brand new video offers an hour-long educational experience right from his own office in Dana Point, California. Dr. Bob has compiled all the most important discussion points that every new parent needs and answers to questions that every parent has into this one video. And when you are done watching, browse his list of FAQs and even email him your follow-up questions. This one-of-a-kind All-Access Pass puts Dr. Bob’s knowledge and experience at your fingertips so you can confidently make this single most important medical decision for your family.

Books Written by Dr. Bob Sears

Looking for more education on Dr. Bob’s most passionate topics in pediatrics? Check out one of his books on vaccines, medical freedom, parenting, or pediatric health.

The Vaccine Conversation Video Series and Audio Podcast

Enjoy over 100 episodes of The Vaccine Conversation with Melissa and Dr. Bob audio podcast. Then dive in even deeper into your vaccine education with The Vaccine Conversation Video Series. Enjoy over 15 hours of podcast-style video discussions that will entertain and educate you so you can make an informed and confident decision on this complex topic. Then join Dr. Bob on his other two podcasts: A Tale of Two Sides and One Doctor vs The Medical Board.

Healthy Family Medical Freedom

Medical Freedom Organizations

Looking for resources for your family? Want to get more active in health freedom? Want to donate to causes that are dear to Dr. Bob’s heart? Here is a list of non-profit organizations that Dr. Bob trusts and supports.

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