Thrush appears as a white coating of yeast inside baby’s mouth. If it is ONLY on the tongue, then it’s unlikely to be thrush and is probably just left over milk. If you also see patches of white coating the inside of the lips and cheeks, then it likely IS yeast (thrush). Thrush is harmless to a baby but can cause an uncomfortable yeast infection on mom’s nipples and inside her breasts. Thrush is more likely is mom had antibiotics during labor or after baby was born, or baby had antibiotics.

Start with a diluted white vinegar solution (1 Tablespoon mixed into 8 ounces of water) dabbed into baby’s mouth with a cotton ball 3 times daily. You can also dab this onto any yeast diaper rash baby has. Also, dab this onto mom’s nipples and areola after each nursing session to kill any yeast on mom’s nipples. 

If the problem persists, contact our office and I can prescribe Nystatin liquid to kill the yeast in baby’s mouth. Mom can also apply OTC clotrimazole 1% anti-fungal cream to her nipples twice daily after a nursing session. 

Mom can also take probiotics and eat probiotic foods. You can also make a paste out of breastmilk and probiotics (any infant brand) and wipe this in baby’s mouth twice daily. 

If mom has severe breast pain, she can ask her midwife or OB to prescribe an oral anti-fungal medication Diflucan (ok to take while breastfeeding). Mom can also go on a yeast-free low-carb grain-free diet for a few months to help rid her body of yeast (read more about this by searching it online). 

Call our office for an appointment if these measures aren’t enough. 

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