The Vaccine Book

The Vaccine Book

Completely Revised and Updated

This Third Edition was updated in 2019 with a whole new final chapter and additions throughout the book that better reflect Dr. Bob’s evolving recommendations. And now, in January 2023, a brand new Covid-19 chapter has been added that covers everything you need to know about Covid infection and Covid “vaccines.”

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COVID Chapters


Highlights from this brand new chapter

• My journey through the pandemic, from doing my part to flatten the curve (for about two weeks) to raising awareness of the truth

• An honest analysis of Covid infection and how its risks vary depending on age and overall health

• How the three major types of Covid vaccines are made (mRNA, DNA, and protein-based) and what the ingredients are of each

• A research-based look at how well each type of vaccine works (or doesn’t work)

• Side effects and risks of these vaccines compared to the possible benefits

• A detailed comparison of the pros and cons of getting Covid vaccines, particularly for children

• The way I see it: my own personal take


Individualized Vaccination Schedule

Dr. Bob’s third edition book encourages readers to formulate an alternative schedule for their child’s vaccinations with the help of their physician, promoting an individualized approach that accounts for each child’s unique needs.

Informed Decision Making

The book includes a brand-new chapter that guides readers through the often complex decision-making process associated with vaccinations. It supports readers in making informed decisions based on Dr. Bob’s extensive research, ensuring that parents are equipped with the knowledge they need to confidently navigate this critical health issue.

Stand against Mandatory Vaccination

Dr. Bob passionately advocates for the right to health choices. He raises awareness about the increasing push for mandatory vaccinations, rallying his readers to support the movement for health choice freedom. His book serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring readers to take a stand against any infringement on their ability to make medical decisions for themselves and their children.

Multimedia Learning

In addition to the book, Dr. Bob’s podcast and video series available on The Vaccine Conversation provide a comprehensive platform for parents worldwide to learn more about vaccinations.

Community Building

As a reader of Dr. Bob’s book, you become part of a growing community that continues to expand day by day. This community is united in their journey towards making informed choices about their health, providing an enriching environment of support, understanding, and collective action.


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