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As part of your All-Access Pass, you will enjoy studying detailed answers to these questions, and this list will keep growing as new questions are emailed to me or I think of new topics to add ...

If I don’t vaccinate my child, or I delay my baby’s vaccines, is it save to travel?

If I’ve started vaccines, but decide to stop, does this cause any harm or unexpected consequences to my child? 

If I don’t complete all doses of a vaccine series for by baby, do I need to start the whole series of all doses all over again if I decide to finish the shots when my child is older, such as for school? 

Is it true that if I delay vaccines until my child is older, she will need fewer doses? 

If I don’t do vaccines while my baby is young, are there any vaccines that you, Dr. Bob, consider important that I should give my child as she gets older? Like tetanus or chickenpox? 

Should I worry about the measles outbreak is my child is not vaccinated?

Should I worry that recently-vaccinated kids will “shed” their vaccine viruses to my vaccine-free child?

Are there any vaccines that can only be given during infancy? In essence, if we miss them as a baby, we can’t get them later? 

Should I worry about measles if I travel with an unvaccinated child?

Should I worry about polio if I travel with an unvaccinated child?

Are unvaccinated kids responsible for the ongoing measles outbreak?

Do we really have polio in New York? 

You mention in the video that most vaccines don’t prevent the spread of its illness. Which ones don’t, and which ones do?

And more to come … This list will never stop growing. 

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