Symptoms of bladder infection include burning with urination, frequent urination, and a feeling of extreme urgency to need to go. Virtually all kids will have burning and at least one other symptom. The urine may smell strong or foul, and there may also be blood in the urine. 

If you think your child may have a bladder infection, and he is vomiting or has a high fever, he should be seen that day or at an urgent care after hours. 

If no fever or vomiting, and no severe back pain (which indicates a possible kidney infection), then evaluation can wait until our office next opens. Here’s what you can do meanwhile:

  • Do a home test from a drug store to see if it’s a bladder infection.
  • Start Vitamin C (see above), D-mannose (follow dose on bottle), and cranberry juice or chewables. 
  • If symptoms persist despite these natural remedies, then call us for an appointment. Most simple bladder infections will, however, resolve with these measures and don’t even need to be seen or given antibiotics. 
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