These almost never need a doctor’s appointment and can be solved at home. Have your child sit leaning slightly forward and plug the nose holding a kleenex or cloth for about 5 minutes. It also helps to gently squeeze the bridge of the nose at the same time. This should stop the bleeding. After another 5 minutes or so your child can gently snort the clotted blood back into the throat and spit it out. If bleeding resumes, repeat this process. If bleeding doesn’t stop after 2 or 3 rounds of this, go to an urgent care. 

Recurrent nose bleeds. These are usually due to irritated lining of the nasal septum near the front of the nose which bleeds easily. Apply vaseline twice daily inside each nostril and gently rub the nostrils to distribute the ointment inside to coat the sore nasal septum. Doing this for a week should heal it enough to stop the recurrent bleeding. If not, try an OTC antibiotic ointment instead. Repeat this process if bleeding returns (which it might after several months of a break). If these steps don’t help, make an appointment for us to look inside and discuss more treatment options. 

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