Empowering Families Worldwide:

Advocating for Informed Healthcare Decisions
& Vaccination Choice

I am resolutely committed and passionate about empowering families worldwide. My mission is to ensure that every individual has access to comprehensive, unbiased, and unfiltered information before deciding on vaccinations. I ardently believe in the universal right to make informed healthcare decisions for oneself and one’s children. It is my life’s work to uphold this freedom in the face of emerging vaccination laws, advocating for inherent rights and fostering an environment of educated choice.

The Vaccine Book

The Vaccine Book

Completely Revised and Updated

This is Dr. Bob’s flagship book. Each chapter covers a disease/vaccine pair. You’ll learn how common (or rare) each illness is, how it’s treated, and how mild or serious it may be. You’ll learn how each vaccine is made, what the ingredients are, and what side effects can happen, then review a detailed list of pros and cons for each vaccine. Dr. Bob also covers travel vaccines, adult vaccines, vaccine safety research, autism, and how to decide if, when and how to vaccinate. A brand new Covid chapter was also added in 2023.

A Tale of Two Sides

A Novel on Vaccines and Disease

Written under his pen name, Dr. Bob pours his heart and soul into a series of tales from his own experience that presents everything a new parent should know about vaccines, but in story form. Follow the heartbreaks and triumphs of dozens of families, doctors, nurses, reporters, politicians, and public health officers as they come together in real-life tales that portray every aspect of one of the most polarizing issues of our time. The Resources link below is one of Dr. Bob’s best compilations of research and evidence that support his viewpoints in the vaccine conversation. Enjoy!

One Doctor vs The Medical Board

new release in 2024!

Dr. Bob pours his heart and soul into the semi-autobiographical fictional account of his eight-year fight against The Medical Board.

Additional Books

Parenting and Pediatric Health Care Books

Dr. Bob’s additional books in the Sears Parenting Library that cover a wide variety of pediatric health topics. This extensive collection of parenting books was started by his father, Dr. William Sears. Dr. Bob has co-authored and updated these Sears books.

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